I love this poster, which I first saw at Charles Noble’s blog. Gee, kind of implies that every musician in the orchestra matters, you know?

Maybe everyone does matter!

AND … If you go to the orchestra’s Facebook page you’ll see one of my favorite oboists, Albrecht Mayer!


  1. + a couple dozen superheroic admin. One of whom was an oboist, actually, in the case of Berlin.

  2. & that’s what it takes to have a great orchestra, yes?!

  3. Everyone? Even the trombones?!


  4. Well, okay … so they put the trombones in the picture, but we all know the truth! 😉

    … and Mike … which Mike? Hmmm. Now I’m gonna be guessing!

  5. It’s OSJ chorus Mike. Who has no beef with trombones, but knows that they’re usually the butt of orchestra jokes.

  6. Thanks, Mike! I was guessing it was you. I just know a bunch of people with that name. 🙂

    Well, trombones are the butt of the wind section jokes, but have you ever googled viola jokes? They really get hit the hardest!