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There’s Relaxing with the Classics, Classics for Lovers (a few of those, actually), Debussy for Dreaming, Bach for Breakfast, Mozart for Meditation, and even Baroque at Bathtime. But, really, someone should put out a CD of “Punishing with the Classics”, since that seems to be the popular thing to do now. (Hey, that would make us “popular music” … right?)

One news report says some of the children who have endured this Mozart authoritarianism now find classical music unbearable. As one critical commentator said, they will probably “go into adulthood associating great music—the most bewitchingly lovely sounds on Earth—with a punitive slap on the chops.” This is what passes for education in Britain today: teaching kids to think “Danger!” whenever they hear Mozart’s Requiem or some other piece of musical genius.

I read it here.

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