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I’d just like to say that I cannot promise to only listen to classical music- I will try to listen to it on a daily basis though.

This is the first blog post (dated December 22, 2009), from A Year of Classical. I am looking forward to reading these, beginning with the earliests posts to the latest, and then I’ll attempt to read what the blogger continues to write about this year long adventure with classical music.

Here’s the explanation for the blog (and the title of the blog):
A year of living classically

This is an experiment. For 2010, I will average a minimum of 2 hours per day of classical music. I have a strong background in jazz and pop music, but will now listen to only classical music for one year. Good friends will pitch in with reviews and guidance. For me, the goal is education and the tactic is immersion.

I love it! Whether or not the blogger becomes addicted to classical, how cool is it that a person is willing to give it a year’s worth of attention.

Maybe I should do the same with … oh I dunno … yard work?!

No. Isn’t gonna happen. 😉

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