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I hadn’t heard of Pauline Oostenrijk before. I plugged her name in at emusic.com and, sure enough, there are two CDs there. Oboesession and another that includes a concerto for two oboes (Hans Roerade is the other oboist: another new name to me) and orchestra by Voormolen. I’m not quite sure how I missed those, since I search on “oboe” quite a lot at emusic.

So below is all of the Strauss Oboe Concerto (broken into three videos). A killer, to be sure!

Notice how that reed immediately comes out of the oboe before the bow is taken?! 🙂

Ms. Oostenrijk has a website, which includes a few fun blog-like posts (look for “columns”). Unfortunately it’s white type on black background, and my eyes can’t handle that (on a Mac you just hit the command-option-control keys plus the 8 key and it reverses everything, but it’s still not easy on my eyes for some reason.)

I just listened to her recording of the Saint Saens. First two movements are the fastest I’ve ever heard. I like her take on them. I might reconsider what I think are the best tempi. Hmmm. Last movement is fast, but I’ve heard it taken like that before.

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