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… in the Pantheon.

I thought, from what I read on the info at the YouTube page, that perhaps the lights were turned off while they were playing. But no, the person who announced that they were closing did wait until a movement was finished. And boy was the audience angry. Here’s what you can read if you go over to YouTube:

The employees turned off the lights and started to drive the public out cause they work till 18.00. The concert would have be finished at 18.15 by the way. Hundreds of people didn’t want to leave, they were crying to musicians “Suonate, suonate” and “Vergognatevi” to the Pantheons employees.

Hmmm. While I think it’s rotten that the concert had to be stopped, I do wonder why no one checked about the time issue. Musicians in the U.S. are sticklers when it comes to time. We follow a strict clock. (We’ve also been screamed at due to that strict clock.) If we go overtime, it’s overtime, and it costs money. I’m sure the attendants of the Pantheon might also follow a strict clock. (Gee, the other night our lights went out before we were done rehearsing Romeo & Juliet. I wonder if the stage folk were on their own strict clock. Hmm.)

I found this first over at Chris Foley’s blog. He links to this article which contains my favorite line:one man simply remarked of the young attendant with the noisy heels: “I want have not this woman as wife.”

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