08. March 2010 · 3 comments · Categories: Tools

Today I received a package from Robert Morgan, of Chicago Reed Company. I had landed at his site and seen his video about the W.R.I.S.T here, and asked him about the price. I thought perhaps it was a bit costly, since I really have no issues with my hands or arms when I play, but he graciously offered to send one for me on trial, and I readily accepted that. (Thanks, Bob!)

Sooo … I hooked it up (it’s pretty easy to figure out!) and I’ll be taking it to Symphony Silicon Valley rehearsals next week to use and to show to my colleagues. I have a feeling I’m gonna really like the device! I’d put the video up here, but I can’t see the code for that. Oh well. You’ll just have to visit his site!


  1. I’d be interested to hear how you feel about this after you’ve tried it out. My 60th birthday is looming next month and I’m beginning to develop some arthritis in my fingers. Though I play for pleasure, not profit like you, I don’t want to be forced to stop until I am musically not able to continue (and I pray I recognize that time when it comes). I feel at this time that playing is theraputic in keeping my hands limber, but if the weight of my oboe becomes an issue in the future something like this might help.

  2. Instant edit – I did not mean it imply that you play only for profit – I know from reading your blog that you are passionate about playing and teaching music (that line just didn’t look right after I hit submit). But though it could never earn me a living, my music is a huge source of pleasure for me and I hope sometimes for those who hear me play.

  3. Bonney, I didn’t take any offense at all in your first comment, but thank you for your other comment as well. I DO love to teach and play (and whine! 😉 … but you are correct that I do it for profit PLUS pleasure! 😎

    So far I think this invention is fantastic! I will be using it next week and will certain post more then, but just the little bit of time I’ve used it really makes it clear it’s a very handy device. You can choose how much play you want in it, as it is adjustable to be entirely stiff or pretty darn flexible. It’s easy to put on the stand. I really like the fact that it isn’t attached to the EH, but you just rest the EH on it instead. Better than a peg or a neck strap, as far as I’m concerned.

    Thanks for commenting! And happy reeds to you!