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Whoa. I just found out there’s an album of The Most Relaxing Classical Music in the Universe. How exciting is that?

I will admit, though, that I’m a tad confused, and even a wee bit distrustful. Who determined that those particular works are not only relaxing, but the most relaxing. And not only in the world, but in the entire universe? I want to see what sort of research they did on this before I really am fully convinced.

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My friend, Jillian Camwell!

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Time to refocus, Oboe solo up next. Ugh! Prey for me!

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Oboists and their ilk are rubbing elbows with rock stars and folkies as the classical and pop music worlds reheat their long-running flirtation.

More than a half-dozen pop artists — most of them in mature stages of their careers — are turning to orchestras or ensembles to add highbrow elements to albums and reshape their sound in concert. The integration supposedly is smoother than ever.

I read about it here.

And of course the best thing of all is the end of the following:

Beck recorded four songs for his Emotion & Commotion album (out April 13) with a 64-piece orchestra, including his instrumental take on Puccini’s Nessun Dorma aria and Elegy for Dunkirk from Atonement, which features classical soprano Olivia Safe. He plans to occasionally hook up with local ensembles during his band’s U.S. tour launching in mid-April.

The musicians “seemed to enjoy it,” says Beck, who feared working with “a bunch of snooty classical players that didn’t want to be there. But they were very nice.”

See, here’s the thing. A lot of us love doing stuff like this. Not everyone, mind you. There are some musicians who will be snooty, to be sure. But mostly we get a kick out of it.

Thank you for these, and so much more: