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There’s no information on the YouTube page that I can read. Anyone else? I suspect the characters are Chinese, and I’m going to guess it’s just giving us the title of the work ..?

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I figure, as long as I’m going to teach saxophone, I might as well add flute, clarinet and most recently acquired, oboe, to the pile. Right now the local music shop has a guy that teaches sax and clarinet. Well, that’s nice and all, but if I teach more horns, I’d be more likely to be hired as the sole woodwind teacher.

The disbelievers, they say, “But you haven’t played them all as long.” To that, I say, stick it in your ear.

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(This is advertised as an “open rehearsal” so they don’t have to sell tickets, hire ushers, and have parking attendants. But it’s really a performance.)

University of California Santa Cruz


Thursday March 11, 2010
7:00 p.m. Music Center Recital Hall

Sonata for Oboe
Francis Poulenc (1899-1963)

I. Elegie: Paisiblement
II. Scherzo: Tres anime
III. Deploration: Tres calme

Karl Spiker, Oboe
William Long, Piano

Piano Trio in C Major, K. 548
W.A. Mozart (1756-1791)


Lucia del Guerzo, Piano
Rachel Nachison, Violin
Sebastian Knuttel, Cello

Canonic Sonata in G Major
George Philip Telemann (1681-1767)

I. Vivace

Erika Furutani, Oboe
Karl Spiker, Oboe

Four Figment Fragments (2005)
Nicholas Sibicky (1983)

I. Stapler Fruit Squirrels
II. Moroccan Moccasin Song
III. Midnight Manatee Tea
IV. Local Colloquial Lull

Erika Furutani, Oboe
Karl Spiker, Oboe

Sabeltanz (Sabre Dance)
Aram Khachaturian (1903-1978) (Arr. Klaus Trumpf)

Clark Straub, Bass
Scott Jorgensen, Bass
Dan Valdez, Bass
Zephyr Culbertson, Bass

Kleine Kammermusik Opus 24
Paul Hindemith (1895-1963)

I. Lustig, Mabig schnelle Viertel
II. Walzer.Durchweg sehr leise

Beth Ratay, Flute
Karl Spiker, Oboe
Luis Jesus Ingels, Clarinet
Alex Krishnan, Horn
Eileen OGrady, Bassoon

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I do have one big complaint about audiences in all countries, and that is their artificial restraint from applause between movements or a concerto or symphony. I don’t know where the habit started, but it certainly does not fit in with the composers’ intentions.

-Pierre Monteux

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(three in a row, since they are connected — thus, the (c you see after some lines)

I played the Oboe in symphonic band, and on my way to the gym for a performance, I slipped down a hill, like (c

(c Frosty the Snowman, sliding on my stomach. When I got to the bottom, my reed was in tact, but the oboe was distroyed. The (c

(c conductor was highly amused. I was incredibly depressed.

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… she’s also got very very fast fingers.

I don’t usually put jazz up here, since I don’t play jazz and I’m not all that connected to it. But a friend and colleague, clarinetists Dr. Janet Averett, posted this at Facebook, and I simply can’t resist. (Besides, pianists always sort of amaze me; they have this “more than one note thing” going on, you know?)

Now as to me and jazz? Nope. I do improvisation stuff that’s something like KindergartenSimple™, but I’ve never learned anything about jazz. But there actually are double reeders who play jazz. Perhaps I’ll post a few and you can decide if you like the style or not.

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San Francisco Classical Voice has an article about youth orchestras. The writer doesn’t cover all the orchestras in this area, of course (there are quite a number!), and doesn’t touch on anything in San Jose. But do check it out. I think youth orchestras are wonderful for students, and I usually see a great improvement in their playing after they’ve spent time in one.

Here are the orchestras that SFCV covers:

And here are some more:

Please check out my Choosing a Youth Symphony blog entry.

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When I was a kid we listened to the classical radio station a lot. I remember constantly hearing “Maurice André on trumpet” there. I had never seen the guy before, though. This video gives his name, but no one else’s. Anyone care to fill me in on the others?