10. March 2010 · 4 comments · Categories: BQOD

I figure, as long as I’m going to teach saxophone, I might as well add flute, clarinet and most recently acquired, oboe, to the pile. Right now the local music shop has a guy that teaches sax and clarinet. Well, that’s nice and all, but if I teach more horns, I’d be more likely to be hired as the sole woodwind teacher.

The disbelievers, they say, “But you haven’t played them all as long.” To that, I say, stick it in your ear.


  1. Hmm, that doesn’t sound like very good woodwind technique to me…

  2. I loathe this attitude. One should always study an instrument with someone who can actually PLAY it. And leave oboe teaching jobs to people who actually play oboe.

  3. I find it a very “ugly” attitude, Gabrielle. I would think that any student who read that would not want to study with the teacher! Sigh.

  4. Oh … that might have sounded like I thought *your* response was ugly. I hope you know I meant the original quote above! 🙂