Yes. Really. I am listening to a wonderful recording by the Homecoming Woodwind Ensemble that I downloaded off of iTunes. (I would have downloaded it via but they are “charging” 32 tracks and that’s just crazy so I paid the $9.99 via iTunes instead.) It’s really great … very fine playing! I just wish they had a YouTube video out so I could share with all of you. You’ll just have to buy the recording yourselves if you want to hear it.

Or come over for a visit. My only requirement would be that you sit down and make reeds with me while you’re here.


You can at least hear & download one free track here. Check it out!


  1. Thank you for the hint to the freebie tracks – of course the slow aria is not not overly demanding, a faster variation would be interesting; in the same direction is a SACD recording I already own: Bach trio sonatas by Trio Lézard (clarinet, oboe and bassoon) by the (similarly?) small German label Coviello Classics – highly recommended.

  2. It might not be demanding technically, but it’s beautiful. I have the entire recording and it’s very good.