12. March 2010 · 1 comment · Categories: Ramble

Drew McManus has blogged to tell us he has set up a new TAFTO (Take a Friend to Orchestra) site which includes all of the past TAFTO contributions. I was included in the very first year. At the time I had no idea that Drew would do this annually, and that he would get some pretty big names to contribute. Now I look at it and think, “Wow, I’ll bet I’d never be asked at this point!” There just weren’t as many classical music bloggers “back in the day”. I was relieved when I read mine; while it wasn’t exactly the best written (far from it), not the most creative, at least I wasn’t embarrassed by it.

What I am embarrassed by is that I rarely do invite anyone to orchestra concerts. I must be honest and say I simply forget. I’m so busy during a symphony week that I don’t manage to contact anyone but the people who are closest to me. I do hope that some local folks read this blog and maybe want to come hear what I’m blogging about so frequently, but it’s incredibly rare to hear from someone who does that. Ah well … I do my best. Or close to my best. Or something. Sometimes.

So go visit TAFTO. The site looks fantastic. Then take a friend to an orchestra concert. If you come to one of mine please do write and tell me!

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  1. Of course you’d be invited Patty – it wouldn’t be TAFTO without something from one of the most influential musician authors in the cultural blogging community.