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I only wish they had not used the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra as a real-world example of fine interaction, as opposed to the isolation of mental illness. It makes a nice story that there is a conductorless orchestra. But still one should ask, what has the result been all these years? The Orpheus’ conductorless gimmick has produced, to my ears, really nothing but colorless, contourless performances. The sad, unavoidable truth of life is that someone has to be in charge. Hopefully the person in charge has lots of talent and leadership charisma which commands respect. and having people skills is great too. But the Orpheus Orchestra only shows the folly of having no leader in a group beyond a few souls. It produces superficial, bland results.


So … any thoughts from musicians out there who have recordings of Orpheus, or have heard them live? I have certainly enjoyed their recording of Respighi’s Ancient Airs and Dances. It didn’t sound superficial or bland to me. Obviously the anonymous blogger quoted above disagrees. (I still say if you’re going to blog don’t do it anonymously. I prefer that bloggers be accountable. But of course I’m just an oboist. What do I know?)

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