16. March 2010 · Comments Off on Taking A Break · Categories: Ramble

We had two kiddie concerts this morning. The house looked nearly full, and the kids were incredibly well behaved. I’m sure some of that is due to teachers (please, take the time to thank teachers; they are overworked, underpaid, and currently getting pink slips), some due to parenting, and much of it is due to the conductor Peter Jaffe. He just knows how to get and keep their attention. Today were learned about the fugue and theme and variations and sonata form, along with more. (But you don’t need the complete lesson … or do you?)

Now I’m sitting at Caffe Trieste, enjoying a light lunch and the very necessary double non-fat latté. And then it’s back to the California Theatre (if you’ve not been there you really should try to get there. Check out these great photos!) for the second rehearsal for the upcoming Symphony Silicon Valley set.

Double service days (“DSDs) don’t happen very often for me. They are the norm for those who are working for a group full time, but the groups I’m in are far from full time gigs. Unfortunately for me, these DSDs have one service during the afternoon, and this means I had to cancel a total of six students. I actually take a bit of a monetary loss. But that’s life in the music world. Sometimes this happens. It’s not all about the money … mostly I just miss my students!

Okay … time to get back on stage. Glière (not exactly my fave) and Prokofiev (always a fave) await!

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