(Breaking my “no post but the Sunday morning/evening music” rule.)


  1. patti with an i

    Me too!! (But Bach’s older).

  2. Really?! Today is your birthday? I wish I had known … would have wished you a happy day in person. Rats!

    So happy day, and happy happy year!

  3. patti with an i

    Thank you! If you’d come down to the musicians’ lounge at intermission, you could have had a piece of cake! Janet D. created a gluten-free concoction that was delicious, and the whole section sang me “happy birthday” (but shhh, don’t tell the copyright holders…), so given that it was a workday it was really an awfully nice birthday.

  4. Aw, didn’t know that was going on! (You do the gluten free thing? I didn’t know. My sis-in-law and daughter recently learned they have Celiac’s.)

    I wondered about putting the Montero video up of her playing the birthday song … guess that could be an issue, eh?