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We also had those who had little concept of audience behavior by clapping between movements, and even clapping while a movement was in progress. Concerts (and concertos) require careful teamwork and skill, but it ain’t a football game. Wait until after the (concerted) touchdown to applaud, please.

This is from David Lowry, in his review of a concert that included an oboist who won a concerto competition (thus, the reason I located the article). The orchestra being reviewed is the “USC Orchestra”. Since I’m from California I first thought he was writing about University of Southern California. Not so. He is referring to University of South Carolina.

So, once again, someone is reprimanding the audience for applauding at the inappropriate times. I guess this practice that some stick to and some want to dismiss will always cause problems, yes? (Read my earlier post here.)

Here’s the section that reviews the oboist:

Melanie Pozdol elected to perform Eugene Goossens’ Concerto, op. 45. Goossens, an English composer of the 20th century. Collaborating with her was conductor Ya-Hui Cheng. This concerto is in one movement with some intensely interesting writing and brilliant orchestration. Soloist, orchestra and conductor all excelled with the preparation and interpretation of this work. For the oboist, the work is indeed formidable in the amount of control and virtuosity it demands. Melanie matched the requirements and turned in a rewarding performance. Again, she has the ear, the musicianship and the stamina to be a fine member of the rare world of double reeds.

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