25. March 2010 · 2 comments · Categories: Oboe, Videos

I have read Jennet Ingle’s blog (I’ll ask her if I can put it up here), but meanwhile, here’s this enjoyable video:

The Art of Playing the Oboe, Jennet Ingle from Paul Hamilton on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks for posting this, Patty!

    I forget how public the internet is – we hadn’t even gotten to putting this video up on my site yet, and here it is on your so-much-cooler one!

    And of course please do feel free to link to my blog and to my site – I love the attention!

  2. I wondered why it hadn’t appeared at your site yet, Jennet. Hope you don’t mind that I beat you to it. It’s great! 🙂

    You’ve been added to the blogroll … I just can’t figure out how I had missed asking you earlier, since I DO follow your blog. Sorry ’bout that!