26. March 2010 · Comments Off on The Big Apple for Brandon · Categories: Ramble

Today is what I am calling “Freeday” … no students … but, truth be told, it isn’t really free; I’m helping Brandon (our older son) get ready for his big move. Next Wednesday he moves to New York.

Yep. New York. Sigh.

Guess we’ll be saving money for a trip to New York sometime, eh?

At least it’s only New York and not some galaxy far, far away.

(Yes, this is Brandon’s music.)

Dan is on vacation, if going to Death Valley can be considered a vacation! So stay tuned for some wonderful photos at his site sometime soon. Of course he posts a photo a day, and those will continue even while he’s away. (I love the fact that we can prepare these posts early and post them whenever we like; I even have some prepared for next Christmas!)

So anyway, I’m gonna be missing Brandon soon. But I’m glad that he’s getting to go live his dream! (Anyone have a job for him?)

Okay … he’s not really taking a boat. Oh well.

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