26. March 2010 · 8 comments · Categories: Oboe, Videos

Okay … my dear oboe playing friends (and perhaps those who play another instrument as well) … do you see an issue with this video? I’m not gonna give you a hint, aside from the one I already gave. But … um … WOW. Unless I’m crazy, that’s a rather huge error!

And then that first reed the show. Wow! I wonder if that’s the kind of reed Liang Wang plays on.


  1. Lessee…

    #1, that’s a clarinet, not an oboe shown –

    #2, There are two different reeds shown. The first has a huge, cliff-like demarcation between the tip and the back, and the second, back-lighted reed has a much more subtle blend and has windows in the back that are absent in the first pictured reed.

    They’re wrappede with different thread,too…

    I’m looking forward to hearing this piece; Wang is a wonderful musician…

  2. It almost seems like they made a mistake editing the video towards the end, where he goes from talking about the technical aspects to the rhythms instantaneously.

  3. Yep … of course any oboist’ll see the issues. I would have loved to see Wang’s face when he first saw the video. I’m guessing he burst out laughing! I’m betting reed #1 was one the video maker found somewhere (online probably) and that the second is Liang Wang’s. (And yes, he sure is a wonderful musician!)

    I didn’t really even notice the skip from the technical to the rhythm aspects, Jamie. I’ll have to go back and watch to see if I think that’s an issue. I was too busy laughing about the clarinet!

    Sheesh, indeed!

  4. I think the editors of the video just looked for pictures on the web. If you go to http://www.coloradoreedcompany.com/ you can see the picture of the second reed they show. Also, the first reed can’t be Liang’s because he plays a rosewood Laubin, and the top of the oboe they show is Grenadilla.

  5. Ah, so even the 2nd isn’t his. Interesting, Bryan!

    This whole thing makes me realize that music organizations would be very wise to run videos past musicians before putting them up. If we laugh at them, they might want to reconsider. (Similar to how movies do this; I remember watching “The Competition” before it came out to the public. We all laughed at one moment and I believe that when I saw the finished product they took that small bit out; I’ll have to watch it again sometime to verify this, though.)

  6. That instrument reminds me very much of the view I have when I look down my clarinet…:)! Or am I mistaken? Don’t think so…

  7. Heh … yep … and the New York Phil must have hired some company that doesn’t know the diff between an oboe & clarinet!