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I’m helping Brandon with his move to New York City, so today is going to be a busy one (he leaves very early tomorrow morning). I’ll just leave you with a bit of music instead. How ’bout some Bach:

… back later!

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While Pärt might look holy and reserved, he’s actually full of mischievous humour. He talked of a crazy “happening” in the Sixties when he dressed up as a doctor with a surgical mask over his face to perform some operation on a violin which unintentionally ended up in flames. He became branded as the man who burned violins.

It’s difficult to imagine this very serious composer doing that … but hey, it was the sixties!

The above is from this.

I sure wish I could watch BBC Four, and especially the series on Sacred Music (here’s a link to Gorecki & Pärt, but it’s “not available in your area”, I’m told.

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a bad oboe sound can sound like one of the following: a swirling cat, a choking chicken, or a duck being slowly run over.