What musical instrument sounds better? Oboe or Trumpet?

Ha ha ha! my sister(who plays the oboe) and me (trumpet) were having this huge debate about whose instrument soundz better! I don’t really care who wins, but just wanna know!


  1. Trumpet is definitely better!!

  2. Now Ellen, what in the world are you doing on on oboe blog? ;-0

  3. Oboe is definitely better!!! I have no idea why trumpet players always get oboe solos in beginning bands <– makes me angry…

  4. Does one HAVE to be better than the other? Different, yes. Better? I’m not so sure!

  5. I believe that the timbre of the oboe and trumpet are very similar. It is difficult to distinguish between them when you can’t hear the attack.

  6. Interesting, oboegeek.

  7. Okay, so I came to this conclusion: if you’re in a college that has some good oboists and trumpeters, you can say that oboe and trumpet both great instruments yet have their own unique sounds. However, if you’re in a “high school” where it’s extremely hard to find a decent player with real talent, you can always have a debate about which section has the better tone and intonation 🙂

  8. I don’t think one should ever compare in any case, but if one does, it should be comparing the instruments being played well. Why compare high school or university level players? Try listening to great recordings and compare great players! 🙂

    Where do you play, Jean? And how about you, oboegeek? Fill me in on your “oboe careers”!

  9. I’m just a regular high school freshman in Indiana. I play in my school bands, orchestras, and sometimes honor ensembles, but I like enjoy playing solos more 😛

  10. Thanks for the “introduction” Jean! Happy oboing to you! Who do you study with? Are you doing reed making these days?

  11. I study with Lora Dingledine, and I will study with Timothy Clinch sometimes soon. And yes, I do make reeds, but I’m not good at it 🙁

  12. Great! A good oboe instructor is a most important thing for oboe students!

    As to reed making … we all struggle, no matter how long we’ve played oboe. (I’ve been playing for 42 years now, and I still grumble about reeds!)

  13. Reeds are my worst nightmare. I play a lot(for a high school student), and I need a lot of reeds. I always struggle with my reeds before auditions or competitions.

  14. Something my students hear me say is this, “Learn to play well on a bad reed!” It happens. It’s not fun. But we do learn how to make that work … or at least some of us do!

    Of course I also suggest striving to become a better reed maker. But it’s SUCH a tough thing, isn’t it?

  15. I found your blog through Esther Wheaton’s blog (oboe-comics). I’m a first year at Wilfrid Laurier. I really enjoy your blog!

  16. So nice to “meet” you, oboegeek! Happy Oboing to you! 🙂

  17. Thanks! (I hope I can do some happy oboing tomorrow: juries) Nice to “meet” you too!

  18. Oooh … juries! Go in there and wow ’em! (and have fun doing it!) 🙂