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Composer Jennifer Higdon has won the Pulitzer Prize for music for her Violin Concerto, making her one of the few women to have won the country’s top classical music prize.


I corresponded with Ms. Higdon after I had blogged about her Concerto for Orchestra that SSV performed. She contacted me and was so gracious, kindly dealing with my little comment about how my part went lower than my instrument played, explaining the issue. She even sent me a copy of her wonderful oboe concerto. I’d love to hear that done somewhere in my locale!

(Please note: I wasn’t grumping about the note. I assumed it was an error about the octave or something, and I do hope people know I honestly don’t mean to be harsh here. Recently I’ve been mis-interpreted by several people. Sometimes I wonder if they are reading me with their tone of voice, rather than mine. If I was to be mean and catty, I’d probably do it somewhere that wouldn’t be seen by so many. I’m too darn wimpy to be publicly mean the majority of the time.)

Here are three videos with Hilary Hahn interviewing Jennifer Higdon.

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