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When I have afternoon rehearsals I’m a bit thrown off my routine. I still wake at about the same time, but somehow I feel a bit frozen. When I’m teaching in the afternoon I don’t feel that way. I suppose it’s that I begin lessons, at the earliest, at 2:45 (mostly 3:30 or 3:45). Opera starts at 1:00. I wake thinking I have tons of time. An hour or so later I realize that a rehearsal that begins at 1:00 means leaving home around noon. I’m not far from the hall, so I’m there before nearly everyone else, but I prefer it that way. (I’m guessing some colleagues who live further are just getting in their cars as I arrive!) Early arrival gives me time to test a few reeds without other players in the pit. No matter what I do in my home studio I have to check the reeds out in the pit or on the stage where they will be used; I can’t tell you how different every space is for reed behavior. Or I can, but you’ll probably roll your eyes and say I’m nuts. But it’s true. (Okay, you oboists out there will agree … yes?)

So I wake up, have my latté, spend some time catching up on Scrabble games, email, and other somewhat unnecessary but relaxing computer things. I try to get a few blog entries prepared (so far that’s been a bit ZERO aside from this post; anything you have read today was prepared earlier). Today I also managed to prepare dinner already, and I’m showered and dressed for work. And now? Now I’m sort of torn between practicing, working on reeds, and cleaning a very dusty house.

Alas, the house will have to wait. I really do need to get a few more reeds up and running. And there is one little lick in La Rondine that I want to be sure is entirely in my fingers. (Yep, only one that needs that sort of attention. This is unusual for operas.)

Currently I’m listening to some really lovely Vaughan Williams vocal music (Four Hymns). I can listen to the music as I continue with reeds (I am soaking cane first). Of course when I am playing the reeds the music goes off … my ears really dislike hearing music from the speakers while I’m playing. I don’t know if other oboists have this issue, or if this is merely me and my silly ears.

Okay … off to work I go!

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