It appears that the Madison Winds had some added percussion during their performance of the Aria from Arne Running’s Aria and Quodlibet for Woodwind Quintet … you’d not know it from looking at them, though! We are so good about not showing any reaction to things like this. So do you think it would be wise sometimes to just stop and ask that the noise be silenced, beginning the work again after that, I wonder?




  1. I don’t remember hearing that tapping during the performance. Maybe it was the Blue Lady that supposedly haunts Pearl Buchanon Theatre…

  2. Heh … funny the things we don’t notice when we are working sometimes, eh? Thanks for dropping by!

  3. … and haunted, eh? 🙂

  4. the Aria is beautiful. I play oboe and it sounds like a fun piece to do just for fun after practicing. Or I may even get a quintet together for fun, ya never know. Anyway beautiful job to all the musicians.

  5. Thanks for dropping by & for your comment, Georgia! Hope you stick around for more! 🙂