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… along with some clothing and shoes that don’t grab anyone’s attention:

A Cacophony of Musical Playthings in the Desert

There are complete skins of animals, dried, tied and knotted, their orifices fitted with hollow canes and reeds. Other hides are stretched taut over enormous gourds. Strings, spun from intestines, are pulled and pegged into the ends of long necks. Antlers, bones and horns are cut, carved and drilled. Elephant, goat, antelope, lizard, gazelle — the skins of all are used.

Music is noble, ethereal, seductive, thrilling, but spend time gazing at some of the 12,000 instruments that the new Musical Instrument Museum has collected in time for its Saturday opening — about 3,000 are on display in a new 190,000-square-foot building on 20 acres in northern Phoenix — and you are overwhelmed by something else. These instruments from around the world are haunted by the animal world and its natural setting.

I read about the music museum here.

It’s in Arizona.


  1. Yes, I get your little joke here. And I’m ashamed to say that it’s real. In the past two months, Arizona has passed laws regarding this illegal immigration thing, and only a few weeks ago they passed a law that allows concealed weapons by anyone over 21. Basically, you don’t need a background check to carry around a gun in your purse. Great. Now I’m wondering if every 90-year old grandma who can barely see the street signs is carrying around a 9mm in their purse as well.

  2. Scary stuff, Cooper. I’m sorry to read about it. 🙁