The tone and sound that the oboe creates is quite possibly the biggest reason why many people will choose the instrument. Another attraction to the instrument could be that it is not overly difficult to learn how to play. The basics of playing this woodwind instrument are not too different from how other woodwind instruments are played. It is also an instrument that is not as expensive as other instruments that can run up a high bill and many schools will have room in their band for young people who want to learn the oboe, as the music is easy to acquire as
It is also easily found in pawn shops or used music stores for people who are just starting out and are not sure that they are going to have a life dedicated to learning and playing the instrument. Learning the sheet music is fairly basic and simple, though it can take some time to gain control of the air they blow into the instrument. Learning how to use the keys properly can also take some practice and time, but in the end it is rewarding for most musicians who decide to take up the instrument. Few who wish to choose a woodwind instrument will not have the possibility of playing the oboe cross their mind.

Thoughts? 😉


  1. Where did you find this???! Is it some kind of joke?

  2. It SOUNDS like a joke, doesn’t it? I wonder how many believe it?

    It’s on a site for free articles for your blog or website:

  3. Really?????????

    This person obviously never 1) tried to play the oboe, 2) looked at the prices of a decent instrument or 3)received any guidance from a knowledgable oboist or musician of any kind.

  4. Heh … LOVE the stuff one can locate on the internet. Love AND hate it, that is. Can you imagine some unknowing parent landing at that site and reading that?

    Sigh. Grumble. Moan ….