Operaplot is over tomorrow. I’ve submitted a whopping 17 entries so far. And I’ll do more. It’s been fun to put them together, but what I’m sure was the winning entry popped in and then out of my head. Rats! If it doesn’t come to me by tomorrow, I guess it’ll have to wait until next year. If it’s done again next year.

Several people have complimented my efforts, and I have to say it really made me blush (well, not literally) and get all warm and fuzzy inside (again, not literally). I love wordplay, and I love opera. So getting positive words about what I’ve done is quite “happifying”. (Literally.) 😉

Meanwhile — since I won’t post all my entries here until tomorrow — enjoy a bit of Darth Giovanni. (Thanks, Mona!)


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  2. Still not fixed, but if you double click the video in your blog it takes you to the YouTube site, so all is not lost…

    And it IS FUNNY!!

  3. It works for me, Bob. Did you try refreshing first? I’ll check things again to see if I have a glitchy thing in there somewhere ….

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