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I just learned that OboeWorks is for sale. Anyone interested in going in the biz?

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I sometimes just crack up at what people write. (Other times I get fairly ticked off.)

  • I play Ferling too 😉
    You have grat sound 😉

  • keep it up. u have a great sound. My only comment is to play more with the music and create more suspense with each tamper. little more dynamics, and u’ll be scary good!
  • dude you have got to show me how to make oboe reeds i completely screw up mine and need serious help with so can u make a vid showing how to make oboe reeds? thx again and ur playing rocks i wish i could play that high on the oboe
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… and I just don’t care enough to register at the site to comment about this one:

I’ve noticed a few comments here and elsewhere about Professor Kagan’s appearance. As Stephen Colbert has commented, she plays the oboe (and on occasion the “French horn” which is neither French or a horn, but a woodwind instrument, as is the oboe.)

Found here.

I guess I just find it hard to believe that anyone who is likely to actually be interested in classical music is being kept out of the concert hall because of these petty prohibitions. At some point you have to want to sit through 40 minutes of Beethoven, not just try to endure 40 minutes of Beethoven by distracting yourself with your phone and intermittent clapping. And if you don’t want to sit through it then why should you have to? Look, if the goal here is to trick people to get some extra butts in the seats and massage hurting orchestras’ revenues, that’s a business decision and you gotta do what you gotta do. But that’s a conversation for business development departments or something, not for people interested in broader questions about how to best serve music they love.

… and …

Let’s have more trust in the judgment of people who seek out the performance of music because they love to know how they want to experience it. I suspect anything else is an exercise in futility.


I have to get ready to teach or I might spend more time commenting on this, but I really do appreciate what Alex writes at the blog wellsung and I think it’s worth pondering.

Last Sunday at church the pastor was talking about the things some churches are doing to get people in the door. I cracked up (silently) because he very easily could have been talking about the classical music world. (One thing he mentioned, in fact, was about a minister making an entrance on a Harley. Well, I’ve certainly read about a conductor doing that!) And … well … it seems like we are all talking about being “relevant” and getting more than just the white-haired folks in the door, and “if we only have a (coffee/alcohol) bar they’d be here” sort of stuff.

It does get very old and makes me somewhat weary, both at church and in the concert hall.

This is not to say we can’t do new things. This is not to say changes can’t be made. But if we think that letting people text and clap whenever they want (assisting them in their lack of attention span, perhaps) will suddenly make us the Most Popular Thing On Earth we are, I believe, delusional.

And now I’m sure I’ll get blasted by someone(s). But oh well. 🙂

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note to double reed professors: please send out the schedule at some point that is NOT two hours before class.

(Some double reed professors read this blog, so maybe they’ll get this twitterer’s message. Anyone from Kansas City, MO reading?)

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Oboe Stolen
Lorée Royal Nr. NZ 13
Location: Station Barcelona Sants – Spain
Date: April 30 2010

Dear colleagues and friends,

Yesterday, April 30th 2010 at 14:20, my precious oboe and old friend, Lorée Royal NZ 13, was stolen inside train station Barcelona Sants. Please help me find back my instrument by sending this email to all your musical friends, here and abroad and if possible print this email and post it at your conservatory, shop, website, orchestra and music school. You would be doing me an enormous favor. If any of you are offered this oboe by a seller, please contact me urgently. Thank you very much.

Christopher Bouwman – solo oboe Valencia Opera (Orquesta de la Comunitat Valenciana)
2nd prize winner Gillet Oboe competition 2009
Email: CBuilder [at] hotmail [dot] com
Telephone: 0034 671444326

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Or not!

Read online:

I need to find Christmas music so for my flute so i can get my oboe. See in order to get my oboe i have to show my parents i still play my flute. In order to play my flute i need the music. i wanna wake them up on Christmas morning with a Christmas song on my flute. the problem is is that i dont have any money to buy a book. so the question is. Does anyone know wehre i could go to get FREE music for the flute? plz and thank you