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Or so I’ve been told.

I just mentioned to a friend on Facebook that I have to confess to caring about the numbers. I see that I’ve dropped down from 25th to 28th on Invesp’s classical music list. Go here to see what Invesp says about me now. Goin’ down down down …

Now there’s a new blog “ranker”. You can bet I’ll start high and move down. I tend to do that. They sent me the code below, which shows me as #6. But if you go directly to their site and check out classical music I’m #9. See what I mean about going down? Once more bloggers are savvy to Wikio I’ll be off that list. I’ll just bet you fifty bucks. (Except I never bet. So never mind.)

[Update: I’ve heard back from Wikio and they say that actually I went up and that they were sending me the “sneak peek” to post at my blog. So not so sneaky now that it’s posted, eh? I still say, though, that my rank will change once more bloggers sign up there. So go ahead, classical musical bloggers. Ruin my ranking. I can deal.]

1 Nico Muhly
2 think denk
3 Clef Notes
4 So I’ve Heard
5 oboeinsight
6 Adaptistration
7 The Arts Blog
8 Intermezzo
9 The Collaborative Piano Blog
10 PostClassic
11 Opera Today
12 The Omniscient Mussel
13 Ionarts
14 Sandow
15 AfriClassical
16 Susan Tomes: Pianist & writer
17 Musical Assumptions
18 The Opera Tattler
19 Lynn Harrell
20 Andrew Patner: The View from Here

Ranking made by Wikio


  1. You’re still taking these rankings seriously? I’m not certain exactly what good they serve other than for entertainment purposes since so many of the qualifying factors can be jiggered with or otherwise artificially skewed.

    ultimately, everyone knows you are one of the original – and ongoing – cultural blog goddesses.

  2. Oh Drew, there you go putting me in my place!

    I take anything seriously that ranks me low. I take nothing seriously that ranks me high. It’s my personality. After all my years of blogging you haven’t caught on to that aspect of me yet? Hmm. Must be a brass player! 😉

    Mostly I use them to find new blogs. But these days blogs are disappearing more frequently than being created, it seems.

  3. You’re on to something there about using it as a source for finding something new.

    And yes, I am a brass player and I do resemble that remark 🙂

  4. Being married to a former trombonist I know that the brass blood never fully gets out of the system.

    Of course I won’t even talk about double reed blood. Just can’t go there. 😎