04. May 2010 · 1 comment · Categories: Opera, Videos

The President of the Republic of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, has signed into law a measure to privatize all of Italy’s major opera houses and reduce salaries at these theaters across the board.

Read here, by La Cieca, where you can read more about it all.

Zubin Mehta leads protesters in a performance of Va pensiero:

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  1. I love musical protests. (except for that you first need something to protest against which isn’t usually good…)
    At my borough (? that sounds like a word that isn’t used anymore, or don’t you have them anymore? anyway, a cluster of towns.) they wanted to stop the subsidy for the music school, and a LOT of people came to protest, with instruments and just making noise, and then a few weeks later again, when we had a special song that all the orchestras had practised. Protests like that are fun.
    And the school still has it’s subsidy 😉