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The cold fluorescent light shining down on Franz Welser-Möst stands in stark contrast to the exalted glow in which Clevelanders usually see him: leading the Cleveland Orchestra at Severance Hall in the great symphonies that define European musical history. But in a deposition from July 2009, the conductor looks straight ahead, his face expressionless as he responds to a lawyer’s drill of questions.

After a series of basic queries about Welser-Möst’s life and career, the proceedings veer sharply toward the matter at hand: the steady criticism of Welser-Möst’s performances by Plain Dealer music critic Donald Rosenberg.


So if I reviewer really doesn’t care for a conductor, should he be pulled from reviewing the orchestra? Can he review with unbiased ears? Should a newspaper be allowed to pull him off the job? Should an orchestra have the right to ask? (Am I coming close to asking the right questions?)


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Ms. Hahn has been a pioneer in using the Web to connect with fans and to bring out her personality — something that is crucial in an art form that tends to keep artists behind the music. When she began, blogs were hardly a household name and she maintained instead an online journal on a Sony site (she has since moved to the Deutsche Grammophon label). But despite the rise of the blogosphere, she maintains the homespun quality of a journal.

“It has for me accomplished what I want to accomplish — a resource for what is going on behind the scenes,” she says.

As someone who likes the craft of writing, keeping the journal also is appreciated as nonmusical expression for her. “Musicians are also interpretive artists and we are just as creative as painters and writers. We interpret in a way that expresses ourselves. … For me, I am happy for what I have been able to do online. I try to make it kid friendly.”

Case in point is her Twitter account, which she writes in the guise of her violin case. Ms. Hahn also has her own YouTube channel.

I love the tweets her violin case posts. The case isn’t exactly frequent, but they are a kick when they are there.


Hilary Hahn’s Violin Case Tweets here
Hilary Hahn’s Journal

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… has caused damage to the symphony’s hall and two Steinway pianos are ruined, so the news says. Sad.

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Hey … I got this one very quickly! Woo hoo!

If you don’t listen to the Piano Puzzler you might give it a go. They are quite fun.

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In the hands of stravinsky flutes sound like flowers. brass chords are warm and comforting. oboe is sexy, exciting. i’ve missed this love.

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An article … and a video:

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A study by the University of Vienna has concluded that there is no evidence for the so-called ‘Mozart Effect’, by which listening to the composer’s music is thought to enhance the cognitive development of infants.

I really did think this had already made the news. But here it is for sure.


I love the end of the short article:

Jakob Pietschnig, one of the authors of the report commented: “I recommend everyone to listen to Mozart’s music, but it will not meet your expectation of raising cognitive performance.”