10. May 2010 · 3 comments · Categories: News

Melissa Matson, the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra principal violist, is also an off-stage seamstress. So in preparation for her solo with the RPO this week, Berlioz’ Harold in Italy, she was making two gowns to wear for the occasion.

It was a lovely personal touch — until she stepped on one of her sewing needles Wednesday evening, lodging it deep into her foot. The needle went so deep (about an inch in) that her doctors could not find it and said she would need emergency surgery. But she insisted on waiting until after her performance on Thursday night.

That’s right. Matson performed Thursday night with a needle painfully stuck in her left foot.



  1. patti with an i

    Hey Patty with a y, thanks so much for posting this! I know Melissa from Eastern Music Festival; I taught there several summers before Liz was born. We’d not been in touch for years, and seeing this inspired me to write, and I’ve heard back, which is lovely. One of the delightful aspects of the Internet! But she wants to know how you heard about this…

  2. If it’s on the internet, odds are I’ll find out about it. 😉

    (the link (the RTWT above) takes you to a review that includes what I pasted: http://rocnow.com/article/living/20105080307)

  3. PS It’s fun to hear that you re-connected due to what I posted! 🙂