12. May 2010 · 2 comments · Categories: Ramble

We had our fourth of four rehearsals today. Tomorrow is the first of three concerts for this symphony set. I play only one of four works. See how well I do with numbers? 😉

Now … here is how absolutely twisted my mind is: several people have complimented me today. I have several solos, one of which is really my cup of tea. It’s the expressive sort that I know (I think!) how to make work. I’m not entirely content with how things feel, but mostly it’s because I can’t really determine which of the three reeds I’ve been going back and forth on is the one to use for the concerts. But it’s very kind of people to compliment me. The trouble is I have a very twisted way of working with compliments. Someone says something nice, and I think they are just being kind because they think I’m really not doing very well and they feel badly for me.


Yes, I’m a bit of a nut.

I must also say that despite the incredibly noisy (and achy) ear issues today (I believe what I’m suffering from when the ear is noise AND achy is actually a migraine), I’m the most content when I’m on stage with an orchestra playing. So while I might whine about my situation, I’m thankful that playing my instruments continues to actually be a help, rather than a problem.


  1. Trust me, if you weren’t doing that well we wouldn’t be complimenting you like this. We’re just not that nice. 🙂

    And we’re a tough crowd. You have to EARN our compliments…and you have.

  2. Well, you are my dear, dear friend. And I thank you.

    But you know me … the voices in my head … sigh.

    (And I have to confess I typed “voices in my heads” first. Oh dear oh dear oh dear ….)