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At one point I was attempting to purchase hand made reeds and write reviews here. Well, I quickly learned I couldn’t afford this endeavor. I did purchase from a few dealers. Some reeds I liked. Some I absolutely hated. I didn’t love anything, but I think most of us who make our own reeds just can’t find anything but our own that will suffice. (I now have a box full of awful, completely unplayable reeds, using the fake cork staples … not sure what to do with these things!)

If you want to see how many reed makers are out there, though, go here. Get a load of that long list! Wow. And check out the reedmaker map. If you order a reed that was made in an entirely different climate, do you think it will behave the same way when you play it? Doubtful. But how handy to get to read reviews.

Even at that site, though, I’d be tempted to take reviews with a grain of salt. You could be reading the review of a student who plays a Bundy, right? You haven’t a clue if the player has any knowledge of reeds. One review page I landed on had this review:

The best reed I’ve used (I would be disapointed if it wasn’t considering the name) The only problem was it got spit cought in the can, and had to be blown nearly 20 minutes for it to clear. Other than that, I loved it.

Um. Okay then.

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