Last week I attended a production of a very wacky musical called “Very Warm for May”. It’s not done often. Heck, it’s not done at all. But a company called 42nd Street Moon puts on rarely performed, usually older musicals. And our son’s girlfriend, Megan Hopp, was in this production as the lead character, May. (Go here and check out the fabulous poster! That’s Megan. You can see more photos here.) Now we all know how preposterous opera plots are. Musicals can be that way too. (Besides, how many people burst into song every time the mood hits them?) But I’m a sucker for a musical, and as crazy as this one was, I still cried. Really. The song “All the Things You Are” is in the musical, and it just causes me to cry. I can’t help it. Something at the beginning of that song … the interval up, interval down … lack of resolution …. Then, at the end, when Megan came out to take her bow, I teared up again. This time it was just because I love seeing friends and family doing something they love and succeeding so well.

The funny thing is, I rarely cry in “real life”.

Isn’t that odd? I mean … horrible things might be happening and I hold it together. But i read a poem, hear a piece of music, or go to a show, and doggone it, tears start flowing.

The company that does these productions uses minimal props and, at least in this musical (but I’m guessing in all), a pianist rather than a full pit orchestra (there’s no pit in the lovely, intimate hall). I was impressed with it all … just great fun. But yeah, I laughed about the plot. I think I’m allowed that, yes? Especially since I cried too? So I truly can say, “I laughed … I cried …!”

I was really impressed with the singing voices in this production. Robbie Cowan has a super voice, to be sure, as do some of those women! And the guy who plays the crazy director, Bill Fahrner, is pretty darn hysterical. Megan, of course, was my fave! 🙂


  1. I need to get my act together and get up there to see the show. I want to see Megan, of course, but I also kinda feel like I owe it to them, since they cast me in their next production!

  2. You’ll be astounded at the ridiculous plot, I must say! 🙂

  3. I got a ticket for tomorrow night. I start rehearsals for Swing next Tuesday, so there’s really no chance for me to go after this weekend. I’m glad I got my rear in gear.

    I forgot to say in my first comment that it’s my understanding that most 42nd Street Moon shows are single or double piano accompaniment. But I also think that in the past few seasons they’ve done one show per season with a larger combo (still probably only 3-4 musicians). I do hope that Forum will have more musicians, but of course I won’t know that for months.

  4. The man who was playing piano was quite good. I’m always impressed when someone can play the whole darn thing and make it work!

    I sure miss my time in musical theater. I guess those days are gone for me now, though. Rats and double rats. I so loved doing shows … it was kind of like being on vacation because there was so little stress. (Well, except when I was doing shows in SF. I can’t say I miss those days! But that’s another story.)