I have an orchestra concert tomorrow and a tragedy has just struck. All my oboe reeds split in half. Don’t ask. Anyway, I need to get atleast one new one by tomorrow morning, but seriously, what kind of shop sells oboe reeds??

Does anyone know a shop that would probably sell oboe reeds that might be in my area? A kind of common shop?

Thanks a billion

(Too late to answer; I read it on Saturday night, so the reeds were needed Sunday morning. My home studio students know they must always have at least three reeds in their case. University students should have even more of course.)


  1. Doesn’t Walmart carry oboe reeds?

    Sorry, can’t help being silly.
    “A kind of common shop”? That carries oboe reeds?

    Aren’t those 2 things mutually exclusive?

  2. Heh … yeah, I laughed at the whole thing. Crazy.

  3. Reminds me of the story of the band director whose oboist swallowed her reed in the warm-up room just before contest. He immediately called the ER and spoke with a physician. “Doctor, my oboist just swallowed her reed. What should I do?” The ER doc replied, “You could always use a muted trumpet.”

  4. Ah yes, heard that one!

    The crazy thing is every time I hear it I get this pain … just thinking about swallowing a reed … ouch!