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The glue of the operation may very well be Janice Martin. She prefers to play her violin from about 20 feet. in the air.

“I used to be afraid of heights,” Martin admits. “Tall buildings still make me crazy.”

The musician/slash aerialist will be on double duty as a soloist and a performer. “I was fascinated by combining movement with playing the violin,” Martin says. “I felt compelled to get up in the air.”

Martin brings dance training, sky diving and scuba diving to the aerial table as well. “All of those experiences opened my eyes to the third dimension.” And if you are not yet impressed with Martin, there’s more. She plays the guitar, trumpet and piano and can sing. (Although don’t expect her to play the piano from the air.)

Although Martin is trained in many forms of aerial work, the silks are her favorite. “It requires upper body and abdominal strength, flexibility, balance, grace and timing,” the Juilliard-trained musician says. “I love the beauty of fabric flowing in the air.”

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