I have a final in a classical music class tomorrow and need some help with six definitions! Thanks!?

So I guess I usually mock the people on here asking for homework help, but I guess the tables turned…

I have a final tomorrow and I can’t find a few definitions in my book or any credible website, If you know any, please help. Thanks!

Cut Time
D.C. al fine
D.C. al Coda

Also, if there is anything anyone knows on scales (major and minor patters)

Triads(identify chords with root, the inversion and whether its major or minor)

Thanks all! have a good day


  1. Go to Dolmetsch Music Dictionary on line. Every musical term ever used is there.

  2. I hope you know, John, that that question didn’t come from me, and wasn’t asked at this blog! (I had better know those terms, yes?) 🙂

    I do know about Dolmetsch, but I usually use the Virginia Tech Music Dictionary.