(Certainly not for your viewing pleasure … sadly we don’t get a video of the musician.)

Here’s the English horn solo from Tristan & Isolde. Rixon Thomas is playing with The Royal Danish Orchestra.


  1. All in all a nice performance, but I feel (and it’s risky disagreeing with another polished interpretation) that he blew right past some obvious (to me…) phrase breaks that would have given more overall shape to the piece.

    On the other hand, the piece does invite a variety of approaches, so maybe better just to say that I don’t agree fully and leave it at that. He does have a lovely sound…

    IMNSHO the definitive performance is Fred Capps with Minnesota and Stanislaw Skrowaczewski. The CD is MMG; MCD 10036 if you can find it…

  2. Bob, I make a point of never critiquing anything I put up. I’m fine with others doing it, but I won’t! Not my cuppa. 🙂

    I heard Janet (Popesco) Archibald play this a few years back … she was amazing!