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… because this is an honest blog. And because I am horrified.

I just played the absolute worst measure of my life tonight. In a solo. I have an explanation, but that’s no excuse. I’m absolutely horrified. And embarrassed.

And I have to go and play it again tomorrow.

That’s live music, folks.

(I will be avoiding all reviews like the plague. Of that you can be sure. And if you see any, I don’t want to know about it please! Let me keep my head in the sand this time, eh?)

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  1. Jerry Pritchard

    Ah, Patty, that’s a bad feeling. I can relate to this as the absolutely best tone I every made on the flute was in a big exposed solo at a quiet poignant moment at the end of a musical, My Fair Lady. I played with such feeling, such gorgeous sound…and found to my shame that my thumb was on the B natural key instead of the Bb. (I’ve grown accustomed to your CACK!) You could hear the audience gasp and groan like they had been hit in the solar plexis. My old college flute teacher happened to be in the audience that night and came up afterward laughing his head off. He said: “It was a beautiful, perfect note–but the wrongest note I ever heard!”

    (That was as a young professional…I won’t even try to count the errors and cracked notes in the rest of my career.)

  2. It’s sure IS a bad feeling. And no take backs or do overs. But it helps to hear from you and know that you know how it feels! Thanks, Jerry.

  3. We’re all human Patty – these things happen. I’m sure you’ll nail it next time! At least you can have another shot of it very quickly, and not have to think about it for weeks before your next performance…

  4. patti with an i

    Patty, Patty, it happens. It happens to all of us. Back in the fall, during the Pirates ballet, I, as the only person in the entire orchestra playing the 3rd of the chord since Janet was still finishing turning the page, vigorously pounded out an entire bar of B flats while the music was supposed to be in G major. Not the same, I know, but it’s the most recent thing that came to mind.

    Yes, we all heard it, and we all knew that there but for the grace of etc. etc. And we all know that your playing is beautiful, and artistic, and thoughtful, and something we eagerly look forward to when we see that there’s a juicy EH piece on the program. And nobody feels any differently about that this morning than they did last night, nor will they. I know how I’d feel in your shoes, and I know I still love your playing, and I know you’ll shake it off and be the artist you always are this afternoon. Hugs.

  5. Hi patti with an i … I have to say that my dear dear friends and colleagues (so nice they are both!) have been the MOST supportive and understanding people ever. My heart has been touched tremendously.

    Thank you for your kind words. SO appreciated! 🙂

  6. Me? Human? Who says?! 😉

    Yeah, stuff happens. I did fine today, so now I’m much better. Does that make me fickle? Probably.

  7. Hi Patty,

    For what it’s worth, during the same concert I was completely lost for two or three (excruciatingly long) measures during the Mozart Laudate Dominum 2nd violin solo. What are the chances of two Worst Moments happening in one evening?

    Your passage did sound beautiful tonight! Yay! Life goes on, and I’ll continue to look forward to the EH solos as always.

  8. Aw Rick, I’m so sorry to read about your “moment” … and doesn’t a moment feel lik forever in those instances?

    Live music … stuff happens!

    I hope you’ve since recovered from the mishap. I know I’m completely exhausted tonight!

    Thanks so very much for your very kind words.

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