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You can read a little review from SFCV.

But wait folks … there’s more!!! (Yes, I’m thinking of a career in infomercials. Just think; no reeds!)

The Mozart Youth Camerata, with Maestro George Cleve conducting, now has some videos posted at YouTube. To save you time — and because I’m just this darn nice — I’m posting two below. (Please send cash and/or checks to my PO Box for this service. Or just send reeds. Or chocolate.) If you want to hear the other two simply click on the link above.

Symphony in A major, k.201:

AND … my pal, Mark Brandenburg, playing the second movement of the Clarinet Concerto:

I find it quite encouraging to see and hear these young players (along with some not-quite-so-young ones, who can provide valuable insights into music and performance). (And, if only I’d been there, I could have set a great example on how to eat chocolate, complain about reeds, and whine … hmmm … maybe it’s good I wasn’t there, eh?)

Check ’em out the next time they are performing!


  1. Thanks for posting these videos — it was a pleasure playing with the Mozart Youth Camerata orchestra. The kids are AMAZING musicians at such a young age! As they expertly responded to George Cleve’s baton, I thought to myself: “These musicians are our FUTURE”. It is in good hands.

    Cameron Kopf
    2nd horn, just off-camera on the left!

  2. I did see you in at least one of the videos, Cameron! I think it was Max on oboe … not sure about the other oboist, though (I need to watch more carefully … since I was blogging at the time I was mostly listening.)