12. June 2010 · 2 comments · Categories: Videos

So they’ve combined more parts for the latest Broadway version of West Side story. I’ve never gotten to play it, as it’s always been a doubling book … but now it’s even crazier; the guy plays eight instruments. Wow.

I saw this CBS news segment earlier this evening:

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*sorry … video is gone now. 🙁


  1. Nice! Thanks for that one, Patty.

    It seems that this particular woodwind section is one of the few that hasn’t been downsized for revival — the current count of five woodwind players is the same as the original orchestration. The instrument assignments are the same, with the exception of adding bass clarinet to reed 1. I understand there have been a few rearrangements, presumably to help with what used to be very difficult instrument changes.

  2. I had thought the books had five or fewer doubles. I had no idea this was always the case. Crazy!

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