18. June 2010 · Comments Off on Very Funny! · Categories: Havin' Fun

Members of the South Africa Vuvuzela Philharmonic Orchestra, widely considered to be among the best large-scale monotonic wind instrument ensembles in the world, told reporters Friday they were furious over the recent outbreaks of international soccer matches during their traditional outdoor concerts.

“I cannot imagine what is getting into these football teams that they would suddenly begin full-scale international competition just when we are beginning our 2010 concert series,” said Dr. Stefan Coetzee, the Philharmonic’s program and concert director. “It is disrespectful to the performers, it is disrespectful to the music itself, and by extension, it is disrespectful to the great nation of South Africa.”


So what do you think … should the vuvuzelas be banned, or do you love that vuvuzela buzz. Or do you even care? Anyone else watching any of the games? (I’m not exactly addicted, but I’ll check in now and then.)

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