Some interesting typos from oboists:

needed for reed making: “Goughing Machine”

& what to do before you wind that “goughed” & shaped piece of cane on to the staple: “scorn” the cane

Since every reader (and reeder) here knows that I am not the world’s best proofreader of my own blog, please know I’m just havin’ a bit ‘o fun here. 🙂

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  1. Ha! Scorning the cane… I have been known to yell at cane/reeds during the reedmaking process. It reminds me of what one teacher used to say: “Reeds have memories. Be kind to them.” Her point was that if you don’t keep your knife sharp or you aren’t careful, it’s hard to un-do the damage. I always liked to go with the double meaning of “don’t yell at your reeds, because they have memories, and you’ll get an unfortunate payback at the most inopportune time”.