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What physical traits make it easy for someone to play oboe?
I’m joining middle school band this year, but first I have to go through mouth piece testing. You might know what it is, but just in case you don’t mouth piece testing is where they have professionals from each brass or woodwind instrument come to the school and get people to do things or look for traits that a person has that would make it easier for them to play that instrument (like try to keep a beat for percussion, see if they have a hangover on their lip etc.) And I really want to play oboe, but I don’t know what I’ll get a high score for in mouth piece testing. So what kind of traits make it easy for someone to play oboe? I know you have to kinda tuck your lips into your mouth, and I don’t have braces so it won’t hurt to do that. What other things like that would make me get a higher score for oboe?

I read it here.

I have read all sorts of things about what is required to play various instruments. A university student once gave me a booklet saying what various instruments required. According to that Louis Armstrong would be turned away from trumpet, to be sure.

I do suggest that those who choose oboe have hands large enough that their fingers stretch enough to reach the keys, and that they are old enough to deal with reeds.

Choose the instrument that you are most drawn to. Then practice. Hard. Take lessons from a good teacher. See if it works for you.

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