This week some of the wind section of the San Francisco Opera not only dealt with their grueling schedule of performances, but they also listened to the oboe auditions for principal oboe. (How they managed to get any sleep is a mystery to me.) They chose an oboist, and from what I hear we are in for a treat! Here’s the info:

Mingjia Liu, a 22 years old, currently 1st oboe in Kansas City Symphony and Oberlin student, where he studies with Robert Walters & Alex Klein. He also studied with Liang Wang’s uncle in China.

I hear he has incredible chops and (most important to yours truly) plays very expressively.

I do look forward to hearing him!

And wow … 22 years old!

Congratulations to Mingjia Liu!


  1. Robert E.Harris

    Another one goes! KC lost its #1 oboe to Chicago, its #1 clarinets one after another to SF, then to Minnesota, then to Boston. Former #1 horn is now in Cincinnati. Well, we see and hear excellent new talent each year.


  2. & that’s what happens to all these young’uns! I’m really looking forward to hearing him. I’m not sure when he’ll arrive here … he does have to get out of the KC contract and I don’t know how they work with those things.

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