28. June 2010 · 2 comments · Categories: Ramble

Okay, folks, I really need to change the theme of this blog. But I’m a computer idiot, and I just choose templates and deal. So if any of you have faves with WordPress would you let me know? I prefer simple and three column.

I don’t know if anyone readers of oboeinsight are familiar with WordPress, but if you are, feel free to offer up suggestions!


  1. OK, I just can’t stop myself…

    Change the theme? What a great idea. I’m tired of hearing about oboe this, oboe that, anyway. How about a new theme…like BASSOON??? Now there’s something that will really bring them in.

    or not. 😉

  2. I will let you get away with this only because today is your birthday, you bassoon girl, you!

    If that were not the case I would have to punish you severely.

    Or not.

    Hmmm. Bassoon as theme … sound so … I dunno … as if I’d be moving into buffoonery. ME? A buffoon?