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Or at least musical names for cheese. I don’t know if she has an “oboe” cheese though. I’m not even sure if it would be a good thing to name a cheese “oboe”. Hmmm.

Scanlan handpicks the chefs she works with, and develops an intimate relationship with them while designing cheese for their menus. She even allows some chefs to name “their cheeses.” Award winning chef Corey Lee, former chef du cuisine at French Laundry, dubbed a silky goat cheese, covered in vegetable ash, Cavatina. It’s a musical term referring to a simple, melodious song, and the name fits Scanlan’s penchant for using musical inspiration to name her cheeses.

Scanlan spends every waking hour listening to classical music as she makes her cheeses. As Scanlan breathes in the melodies, she waits to be struck by the appropriate mood and tone to describe the cheese in progress — Piccolo, for example, or Minuet.

“Each cheese,” she says, “has a very personal memory for me.”

As for her company’s name, andante is the musical tempo that correlates roughly to the speed of a walk — the moderated pace at which fine cheese should be made.


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