Curious how we do, pitted against the clarinet? Check it out.

Now tell me … do you recognize all the oboists mentioned there? (I don’t.)


  1. Hmmm…scratching my head. Did this person pass their oboe comp? I don’t think I would have with that history. And oboe doesn’t play classical music, but clarinet does? But clarinet doesn’t play film music, eh? Interesting.

  2. I hope, Jillian, that you haven’t been playing classical music all this time. Because we do NOT do that. Ever ever ever.


  3. The names they list include “lesser” players. One listing is not that well known. The article is amateurish, and can also be edited by anyone.

    They forgot to include the evil influence of clarinet. It may be easy to play, but dangerous to your reputation! 🙂

  4. Well, maybe they left out the “evil” part because that’s just so well known, David?! 😉

    Yes, the entire article is amateurish. I just wonder who puts these together … and even more, why!