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Yes. I was at a site where I should be reading “best pick up lines”. No, I wasn’t looking for pick up lines. I landed there because of the oboe reference found there. So what did I read? This:

I have played violin for 10 years, piano for 4 years, flute for 2 years, and I can also play viola because it’s so similar to violin. I love the sound of cello and bassoon though, and guitar’s awesome and convenient. Is it hard to pick guitar and cello up with my prior instrumental background? Would I need lessons, or can I just learn these based on my prior knowledge of violin, viola, and chords/music theory?

I play all the instruments you do, plus the brasses and oboe/English horn, but I’m betting I’m quite a bit older. I think being a jack of all trades is immense fun, and I love it when I’m called to sub in a group on, for example, euphonium, when my degree is in violin.

However, for cello….I’d suggest a few lessons because the left hand position is quite different from violin/viola, the vibrato technique is different, and the bow hold is quite different. It takes a lot more strength to play cello.

Bassoon is a big pain in my opinion, but that doesn’t mean *you* shouldn’t play it! There are elbendy-seven different fingerings for some of the notes, and the thumbs get a major workout. I agree it is a cool sounding instrument.

I always recommend a few lessons at the begininng with a competent teacher, to keep you from getting way off on technique that keeps you from progressing. Much better to spend some time and money up front so you get started right.

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