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Today I headed over to the Willow Glen Public Library to hear some Opera San José singers. First we met the singers and pianist. In this photo I think Larry is introducing the pianist, the wonderful Veronika Agranov-Dafoe:

Opera San Jose Singers & Larry Hancock

Here is our new soprano, Jouvanca Jean-Baptist Llorca. (I’m sorry to say I didn’t get a picture of her singing Vissi d’arte … I was afraid I might be too distracting!)

Jouvanca Jean-Baptiste Llorca

Silas Elash sang a Dr. Bartolo aria from Barber of Seville:

Silash Elash

Tenor Michael Dailey sang an aria from Barber of Seville as well:

Michael Dailey

And to top off the Barber music, the very entertaining (and new) baritone Torlef Borsting sang Lacto factotum from Barber of Seville:

Torlef Borsting

Silas came out again to sing the “adios coat” aria from Bohemè, and following that Jouvanca and Michael returned to sing the end of act 1 from La Bohemè.

Jouvanca and Michael

I really enjoyed hearing the singers, and I was happy to finally hear the new singers. (Jouvanca and I have communicated a good amount on Facebook, so I feel as if I know her!)

Larry Hancock then spoke about each opera. Man, that guy knows his stuff.

Larry Hancock

The singers sounded great! What a joy to hear them. If I had a better income you can bet I’d be at tomorrow’s event at Cetrella!

I’m no photographer, so I do apologize for the rather amateur photos above. I was, though, pretty happy when I accidentally hit the “stitch” option for the Bohemè picture of Jouvanca and Michael. I realize it’s really for stitching together a bigger scenic sort of picture, but I like how it worked! I’m going to remember that one.

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